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Grants & Funding

Energy performance has become an integral part of the nation’s success.

Irelands energy targets to 2020 and 2030, from EU directives, have put the spotlight on Energy Management. While it is always lucrative for a business to optimise their energy performance, not doing so will become increasingly costly. Frontline Energy and Environmental works with the government and local bodies to avail of all available grants for your project.

Grant support or funding can reduce the cost of those out of reach energy projects such that the Return on Investment becomes acceptable. We offer full assistance for the whole process right through design, project installation and management. Frontline Energy and Environmental have a long history of partnership with some of the most well-known businesses/agencies in Ireland for Energy Efficiency projects: Electric Ireland, SEAI and ENTERPRISE IRELAND just to name a few.

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SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

On behalf of a number of clients over the past couple of years, Frontline Energy has secured grants for a number of energy efficiency projects through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. We are currently investigating the feasibility of other projects that are deliverable through Energy Performance Contracting.
As part of the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme, we offer support to owners of residential, commercial and industrial sites to make their buildings more energy efficient. The Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) is a program implemented by SEAI in 2014. The purpose is to drive support for Energy Efficiency projects and applies to all different energy types, including electricity, gas, and solid fuel. This Scheme is compelling utility companies to provide support for energy efficient upgrades. Frontline Energy is a strong supporter of this scheme. We are working closely with several utility companies, helping identify and implement energy efficiency upgrade projects.

Other schemes include:
• Project Assistance Grants
• Lighting Support Scheme


Frontline Energy has access to lines of funding, specifically targeted at Energy Efficiency projects. Our expertise in this area ensures that we choose the optimal financial partner for your business. In many cases, we can deliver projects without our clients incurring any capital expenditure and having the project entirely financed from the Energy savings as well as grants. In most of the cases, savings are guaranteed, therefore removing all risks from the projects.

If you are thinking of upgrading the energy level of your property and/or looking for financial support, get in touch with one of our Energy team members by phone or email to receive more information about eligibility to the schemes.

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