Welcome to Frontline Residential. We are a nationwide District Energy Provider. This is our designated Residential platform aimed at helping you manage your district energy account.
As leaders in the Energy Efficiency Market, here at Frontline Energy and Environmental we support the use of Energy Performance Contracts.

Energy Performance Contracting

As leaders in energy efficiency, we use Energy Performance Contracts to ensure our performance.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is an alternative way for businesses of funding energy efficiency improvements projects. By using an Energy Performance Contract, you can eliminate any capital expenditure and build the energy savings from your site into a term contract which pays for the project entirety. These savings are used to cover any capital expenditure and a share will also be provided back to you from day one to directly impact your business profitability.

Energy Performance Contracting removes all risk to your business, ensuring savings and the achievement of energy targets. Take advantage of a no-risk strategy and improve your business today. Energy Performance Contracting enables implementation of a comprehensive energy strategy with confidence. This allows you to maximise opportunities to fully optimise your energy management and reduce costs immediately across your site. Whether it be a simple project or a complete redesign, Energy Performance Contracting can allow you to start saving as soon as possible.

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