Welcome to Frontline Residential. We are a nationwide District Energy Provider. This is our designated Residential platform aimed at helping you manage your district energy account.
Our decades of experience in Energy Management is reflected in the complexity of the services that we provide to our Customers.

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Design, Build, Finance and Operate

Our decades of experience in Energy Management is reflected in the complexity of the services that we provide to our Customers – underpinned by our holistic approach of Design, Build, Finance and Operate.

Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) is a service delivery mechanism that includes designing, constructing, financing, operating and maintaining the project. DBFO can incorporate the installation of a combination of the following:

• Combined Heat and Power Units (CHP)
• Biomass Systems
• Waste to Energy Plants
• Solar PV & Thermal
• Heat and Gasification Systems
• Air Source Heat Pumps

Identify Opportunity – Eliminate Risk – Deliver Results

Whether you are looking for an improvement in energy performance or at increasing renewable energy sources, our design, build, finance & operate (DBFO) solution offers a complete turnkey solution for your energy needs. DBFO projects provide industrial, commercial or residential customers a platform to future-proof your business and bring up-to-date how you generate and consume power.

How does Frontline’s DBFO work?

Once our Energy Engineers have assessed the requirements and designed the solution, Frontline will then finance and deliver the project – with a guarantee on all works for a 3-year period. We ensure optimum performance by continuing to manage and maintain the system/equipment, reporting on savings and providing engineering support, for the duration of the agreed contract period.

What are the benefits of a DBFO with Frontline?

Customers who decide on a DBFO benefit from:

• A low-risk investment a large reduction to their energy costs for years to come.
• Our projects can remove any capital expenditure on your part, while also increasing your operating expenditure through savings.
• Improved BER rating and reduced emissions
• All works, equipment and results are guaranteed!

If you think your business could benefit from a DBFO project get in touch with us today.

Personalised Services for Businesses

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