Welcome to Frontline Residential. We are a nationwide District Energy Provider. This is our designated Residential platform aimed at helping you manage your district energy account.

Energy Efficiency in Hospitality

Our promise is to reduce your energy use by as much as 30%


By being one of the biggest utility costs in the hospitality sector, energy also represents the greatest opportunity for savings“.

Fully Funded , Risk-Free Energy Efficiency Projects:  Our Esco Model provides the project finance and guarantees the savings

We understand the challenges and specific demands of the hospitality sector. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption while improving guest comfort. The only way to achieve this is to take a holistic approach to your business as a whole. As an acknowledged expert in energy services, Frontline will guarantee on energy cost-savings, with no impact on guest comfort. Our technical procedures and organisation will ensure that all mechanical and electrical equipment is maintained to the highest performance specifications, while reducing operating costs.

Make your Hotel more Energy Efficient: reduce your costs, your environmental impact and qualify for green hospitality awards

All our service offers are tailored to suit the needs of our (as well as yours) customers. Frontline’s full ranges of Energy Services are designed to maximise the energy performance of your hotel by implementing cost effective investments that will lower your costs, your emissions and increase your energy and environmental standards.

To find out more about what we can do for your hotel have a look at: Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Hospitality

frontline-case-studies-2How does it work

We start with an initial free , non-obligation consultation to understand the specific needs of the building.

We carry out on site an in-depth energy audit where we can identify all the possible energy upgrades that can be carried out and the energy savings that would occur from the changes.

We design and present to you a project plan according to what agreed together. We will then take care of stakeholder engagement, while managing and implementing the project in full.

Finally, we will provide constant monitoring and reporting on performance in order to verify the savings.


How will you benefit

You will increase your reliability as well as your guests comfort by ensuring continuity of service of energy systems

You will remain competitive reducing your energy bill and optimising the total cost of ownership

You will improve you “green credentials” a qualify for winning a green hospitality award

You will future proof your hotel by insulating it from energy price increases

You will contribute to get your country closer to the 2020-2030 energy targets