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About District Energy

Operating both in the residential and commercial sector for over 10 years.


“Operating both in the residential and commercial sector for over 10 years, Frontline gained a lot of experience in dealing with District Energy Schemes and is now one of Ireland’s leading company in this sector. A District Heating Scheme or System (DHS) is a system for distributing heat generated in a localised and central location for residential and commercial heating and hot water requirements. As an Energy Management company, Frontline operates in both district heating and energy engineering sectors, and find this combination being extremely complimentary.
We take pride in providing a 360° service, that goes from an initial consultation, to installation, monitoring and assistance, and that sees all the members of our team working closely to ensure that all aspects of your project are carefully assessed and reviewed. Not only we provide the best technical services thanks to our highly qualified and experienced Engineers; Frontline Energy and Environmental also works to facilitate agreements to allow financing and enabling the investment to take place in a structured and transparent manner”.

The main benefits of having a District Heating System are:


Cost Effective

As wholesale gas rates are cheaper than domestic rates (especially if run together with a Combined Heat and Power plant) it allows consumers to have cheaper bills


Comfort and Convenience

A guarantee of an abundant and consistent supply of heat and hot water available instantly “on-demand”


Backup boilers and cost-effective 24/7 backup

available to ensure that any heating system downtime is keep to a very minor level


A greener environment

a DHS has a reduced level of CO2 and other pollutants emissions


No annual boiler maintenance fees


Future proofing

The system is such that as new technology becomes available it is possible to incorporate new sources of heating in the future


A noise-free living space

No boiler, no fuel, no odours, no noise



A safer environment for customers (reduces the chances of gas leaks or fires) as there is no boiler in the apartment or commercial unit


Higher property value

Apartments operating a district heating scheme will receive a higher energy rating under the Dwellings Energy Assessment Procedure operated by Sustainable Energy Ireland and will therefore increase their property value

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If you are thinking of putting a District Heating System in place but want to have more information about it, Frontline’s highly qualified team of Engineers are available for an initial/no obligation consultation.

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