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MLB Sportingbet occupies this 3-story office building with a floor area of 980m2.

An increase in the occupancy levels required an upgrade to their Air Conditioning system in 2012 to support this.

The Objective

Installation of a new system to work in conjunction with the existing ageing AC system for phasing out of the old equipment. Facilitate an increase in the cooling and heating capacity of the building.

The Frontline Energy Service

• Assessment of the existing AC system.
• Design of new AC system and the formation of various proposals to find the most appropriate solution for the
• Avoid the high upfront capital cost of replacing the entire existing ageing system by forming a 5-year phase
out plan.
• Full M&E installation carried out by Frontline.

Technical Overview

Site Equipment:
• Existing AC system – Comprising of a Daikin heat recovery system, was installed in the late 1990s.
• Refrigerant – Existing system was operating using R22 refrigerant which is being phased out under EU regulations.
• Proposed AC system – A 33.5kW cooling capacity VRVIII heat recovery system was installed with ten indoor, slim-line, ceiling concealed, ducted units. This top of the range system allows for simultaneous heating and cooling in all areas.
• Controls – A centralised intelligent controller was installed capable of controlling both the new and old system thus providing MLB with an easy to use interface for the AC system.
• Future proofing – The centralised controller can decipher how much energy each indoor unit is using and so it is possible to separate the billing out per floor for the AC system for billing purposes. Allowing the building to function as a multi tenanted facility in the future.


• Project delivered by Frontline – On time and on budget.
• Provision was left for the future expansion of the system should it be required.
• Greater levels of control using a centralised controller.
• A phase-out plan and financial model for the existing AC units that work for

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