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District Energy Projects

Long term relationships are extremely important to Frontline. We have developed very close working relationships with many of our clients outside the scope of the traditional Operation and Maintenance/Finance & Billing contracts in District Energy Schemes and are frequently asked for our advice in relation to new apartment schemes, both in relation to design and also in relation to technology implementations such as prepay options for build to let schemes.

One such Client in a large mixed development of Residential, Office and Commercial, was initially ESCo financed by another party under a long license. From 2013 through 2014, Frontline advised the Owners Management Company (OMC) through an Asset Purchase Agreement with the license holder of the District Energy Scheme which culminated in a significant six-figure sum paid by the Licence holder to the OMC for Remedial Works which were identified by Frontline Energy as works required to bring the District Heating Scheme up to required specification at the end of the License period.

Additionally, Frontline Energy has been instrumental in recovering over €77,000 in overcharging on gas. This overcharge was identified by our Engineers as part of a detailed audit and analysis of the District Energy Scheme which formed part of our Mobilisation Plan –something we carry out on all new Clients and which had not been spotted by the previous License holder.

In another Scheme, we were asked by the Developer, one of Ireland’s largest Homebuilders, to review the design of the District Energy Scheme. Our Engineers carried out the review, making use of all of the Empirical data which we collect on our District Energy Schemes in addition to our Engineering expertise. Once our review was completed, we were able to confirm to the Client that they could reduce the Capital cost of the Energy Centre from c.€300,000 to €200,000 and point to an additional saving of c€100,000 in the required Sinking Fund, which would be a direct benefit to the purchasers of the apartments as shareholders in the OMC.

As we hope is clear from the above and from our other Case Studies, our practical and pragmatic approach pays significant dividends to our Clients. Our desire is to develop deep relationships with our clients and to continue to deliver measurable financial and qualitative benefits to them over the entirety of our relationship.

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